The Art of Coloring
The Lifework Studio, Inc. is pleased to announce publication of its first
coloring book of Adrienne Leban's freehand pen and ink drawings.

The 911 Memorial Museum has included my book,
Beyond September 11, Mandalas and Meditations in its permanent collection.

Read article about this event in Chelsea Now

Creator of the much-loved syndicated comic strip "Mutts," Patrick McDonnell did me the
honor of including my BioGeo drawing in his Sunday strip on June 2, 2013. Without his knowing it, that was my birthday. Maybe the best birthday present ever. (Patrick was a student in two of my courses during his college years at the School of Visual Arts.)


SVA Gallery School of Visual Arts (SVA) presents “POST NO BULL”,
an exhibition of work by current students and
alumni (1971-2009) of Adrienne Leban’s pioneering course
Design for Social Change.

Curated by Leban, the work includes posters and
other graphics completed between 2000 and 2010.

The exhibition will be on view March 13 - April 10, 2010
at the SVA Gallery, 209 East 23 Street, New York City.


“‘Post No Bull’ - a play on the phrase ‘Post No Bills’ stenciled on plywood walls in the streets of NYC - is very much an ‘outsider’ statement in a world dominated by commercial corporate advocacy,” explains Leban. “It is an unusual exhibit of advertising and design work in that it presents a cultural critique of the conventional use of advertising and graphic design itself.

The result is a giant ‘wall magazine’ composed of more than 60 visual communicators’ works of social consciousness and conscience. We’ve also included visual messages created in the UK by the 13 -14 year old Scottish students of my former student, artist-teacher Lorena Steinert (BFA 1987 Fine Arts), suggesting the global extent of this movement for social change."

Among the works on view is the anti-war poster campaign Be Heard, which was created by Leban’s students in 2002 and is in the permanent collection of the Library of Congress. Also seen here are the posters designed for the nonprofit TV-Turnoff Network, which were installed in the Washington, DC Metro system, and for the Abandoned Infant Protection Act, 80,000 copies of which were distributed throughout the New York City school system. In addition, the exhibition includes the animal rights advocacy work of alumnus Patrick McDonnell (1978 Media Studies), author and creator of the syndicated comic strip Mutts.
Visit the show,

Bio-Geo Energy Patterns, The Lifework Studio Gallery, New York, NY

"Bio-Geo Energy Patterns" is an installation composed of 81 unique 9"x12" archival prints made from original freehand drawings (12"x16"). These geometric forms transmit the vibrating energy of which we are part. They are drawn directly in ink without any pre-visualized outcome in mind, and with no sketches, plans or narrative agenda. Each print is mounted on a wood panel box 3/4" deep and is available individually or in any combination. Check purchase info.

To view individual works, visit the "Bio-Geo Gallery" section of the website.

Mandalas, 2002-2008, The Lifework Studio Gallery, New York, NY

"Mandalas, 2002-2008" is an exhibition of mandalas for stimulating awareness of unity and wholeness. Initiated after the terrible events of September 11, 2001, Leban's digitally created mandalas serve to help us re-member and experientially put back together the dismembered whole. Offered as archival digital prints. Check purchase info.

To view individual works, visit the "Mandalas Gallery" section of the website.

The BioGeo Coloring Book
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BioGeo: The Freehand Drawings of Adrienne Leban
Beyond September 11: Mandalas & Meditations